About Us


Blue Banyan Consulting is an India-based research, advocacy and consulting organization specializing in strategy development, communications, advocacy, and media engagement.

Using evidence-based approaches, research and with a strong influence of the creative arts, we work to bring innovative approaches to analysis, problem solving and solution development in the areas of health and development.

Our current focus areas include public health, public policy analysis, communications, and strategy development. The organization associates draw on their diverse expertise in economics, political theory, medicine, filmmaking, cultural studies, advertising and grassroots activism to contribute to our work.

Our Mission


Our mission is to help build a distinctive, ethical, people-centric organization that works to create substantial and long-term impact in human development using the skills of creative, talented and committed people.

Our success lies in the success of our partners – and in the significant achievement of their goals. At the same time, we think ourselves successful when those who comprise this organization are challenged, enriched, and feel that they are making a difference.

We believe solving the hardest problems requires creativity, knowledge, compassion, and respect for human dignity and rights. We think people are drawn to these opportunities and feel a sense of fulfilment when they can make a difference .

These values inform both our long-term strategy as an organization but also our approach to issues.

Our Values

Adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards

  • Put issues ahead of the organization’s interests
  • Encourage humane and sustainable solutions
  • Preserve integrity in solutions
  • Maintain an independent perspective

Create solutions that are humane, ethical and effective

  • Be empathetic and innovative in our recommendations
  • Bring innovations in practice to issues
  • Build stakeholder capacity to sustain
  • Build enduring relationships based on trust

Build a group of committed and exceptional people

  • Be non-hierarchical and inclusive
  • Develop a supportive and mentoring culture
  • Respect dissent